Our Agile Hiring Process taps into a vast pool of more than 50M professionals in LATAM, to identify and allocate the talent with the best fit to your needs.

Our sources include top Universities, referral programs, specialized websites, etc.

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Our agile hiring
at work

  • Job Description

    We define the job description, terms of the contract, full-time/part-time assignment, and performance expectations / metrics.

  • Talent Pool

    We fill the position from our talent pool, or create a custom search when needed.

  • Interview

    Candidates are screened and interviewed based on mutually agreed requirements and metric, including technical & soft skills to ensure proper fit to the client's culture.

  • Monitoring

    Ongoing monitoring of performance vs expectations with the client.

  • Service Guarantee

    Service Guarantee to meet the mutually agreed metric, with option for replacement within 15 days from assignment and credit applied to the position.

Rapidly expand your
team's bandwith

Easily boost your team's capacity with our IT staffing service, while we take care of all the paperwork and hiring hassles. By leveraging these diverse sources, we make sure that the talent we find for you not only possesses the right skills but also aligns with your company culture and values.

  • We tap into the top universities to uncover young, bright minds ready to contribute their skills and expertise to your team.
  • Our referral programs ensure that we reach out to professionals who come highly recommended by their peers, guaranteeing a higher chance of finding the perfect match for your company.
  • Specialized websites are an essential part of our recruitment strategy. From niche job boards to industry-specific platforms, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to find the ideal candidate for your organization.